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Dewi Saraswati & Sanur Festival 11/19/2011

Saturday was a ceremony called Dewi Saraswati, a Hindu day of thanks for Saraswati, the wife of Brahma, for bringing education to the world. Saraswati is the Indian goddess of wisdom, the guardian spirit of the creative arts, learning and … Continue reading

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Seaweed Farmers

Here are some photos E took of seaweed farmers at Secret Beach in the Bukit (Southern Bali).  

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I was a sickly baby (11/3/11)

This is a draft of a poem I am working on, inspired by the CW monthly FE group (thanks Jana!) and the line “I have been heavy and had much selecting” from Apollonia Koleis. Sorry for the lines skipped between … Continue reading

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S.E. Java

We drive 4hrs northwest to get to the ferry in Gilimanuk, stopping for babi guling. Ferries run every 15min, so we slide onboard quickly, though first the police officer at the entrance tells Evan he should get himself a Javanese … Continue reading

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