At a cute coffee shop in Colorado over the Winter Break, Jana Clark (my former teacher, who mentored me to become a teacher myself, and dear friend) said, “For your Christmas present, besides continuing your subscription to The Sun Magazine (which has been a great gift to receive in Bali!) I would like to get books for your students. One for each of them to keep. Send me a list of their names and what book you think they would like.” It was such an amazing, generous gift, and I knew my kids would be delighted. I tried to put together a list of the kids and what books they would want, but I found it was hard to think up a specific title, so instead I sent her my students names and some information about each of them such as:

Arjun— LOVES anything about US presidents!

Bara—Bara loves crazy cars, interesting scientific discoveries and animals.

Ella—I think humor is the thing that pulls her in most. She loves to laugh.

When the box arrived in the mail, my students immediately wanted to open it, but I decided that they could open the box as a prize for positive behavior in the classroom. After a few weeks of smiley faces dominating our behavior board, the day had come for them to open the box.

The students were delighted! It was so wonderful to see their faces as they each received their books.














group photo3

Even better was watching them lay on the pillows in the back of the classroom totally engrossed in the books for the next few days.

Sasha reading


Kyle and Bara



Damai & Manon

Thank you, Jana Clark, for this most wonderful gift you’ve give my students in Bali!

Arjun working with presidents on desk

Arjun keeping his new books nearby even while he works on other projects.

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2 Responses to Books!!

  1. Jana Clark says:

    How I would have loved being in the corner just watching!! What beautiful children they are and I know how much you are going to miss them, even though you want to come home. Teaching is such a twist of emotions! Thank you for these pictures.

  2. What a treat to see those lovely young faces, beaming over their books! Jana, great gift.

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