After fifteen years as a student, paraprofessional and teacher in the Creative Writing program at Denver School of the Arts, I am moving to Bali, Indonesia to embark on new adventures.

This blog will document my travels.


4 Responses to About

  1. J.J. says:

    This looks great!! Add more photos! We miss you here in Denver, the mountains are getting cold, snow is on the way, shredding is inevitable…

    • Thanks, JJ. Trying to sort out how to organize and label the photos… I need to spend time reworking the format, I think. Thanks for the suggestion! I can’t wait to shred with you over break!!! 🙂 I miss the mountains and seasons already.

  2. Keely K. says:

    Ms FD,
    I just finished reading your blog, I love it! I’m so glad you are having an amazing time, but we miss you sooooooooo much. I was crying when you told your salmonella/appendicitis story, but im glad you’re okay. 🙂
    keep posting please!
    Keely Kritz

    ps- look for another weekly update soon. 🙂

    • Thanks, sweetie. I miss you guys, too. Your video update made me really homesick. Thanks for thinking of me and good to see that your relationship with Chris has remained consistent 🙂 Give my love to Lizzie and Chris, too.

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